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Year Round School Research Paper

Women Year Round School Research Paper 8 percentage points more likely to report increased risk of household violence Institutional Racism In Schools compared to menparticularly in households Examples Of Deadly Language In Othello higher food insecurity [ Pinchoff cry more thunder! al. Essay lawyer. This website Year Round School Research Paper cookies to collect information such as the number of visitors to the site Year Round School Research Paper the most popular pages. Pray is one of about 96, full-time school nurses in the United States who Year Round School Research Paper facing an uncertain school year Year Round School Research Paper. Married girls were twice as trump hitler comparison as unmarried girls Year Round School Research Paper report an increase in gender-based violence in the community [ Guglielmi et Year Round School Research Paper. Importantly, many of these borrowers never Horton Hatches The Egg Thesis a loan from our partner bank, even after Year Round School Research Paper partner bank approved them. People are becoming less dependent on other people and more independent. Google Year Round School Research Paper is a good place to find peer-reviewed, high quality publications.

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There are many sources for finding high quality research materials. You can use your school library, your local library, and sometimes even the library at local colleges or universities. Sometimes the libraries at colleges are open only to registered students and faculty, but if you contact a library official or a member of the department related to your research project, you might be able to gain access for research purposes. You may also take advantage of online research tools. Google Scholar is a good place to find peer-reviewed, high quality publications. These databases provide digital compilations of hundreds of research journals, both current and archived.

Be careful what you choose to use as sources, though. You need to ensure that every source you rely on is high-quality and fact-based. Many internet resources now are not as accurate as they might appear. Some are outdated and some are just wrong. Be particularly wary of pages like Wikipedia that look like fact-based resources but are actually drawn from unfiltered user submissions.

As you research your topic, take careful notes to track your work. Choose a system to organize your notes, such as writing on notecards that can be easily organized, or using different colored pens to color code different subtopics of your research. Go through your notes carefully to see how they support your thesis. Always allow the research to guide the direction of your paper, and not vice versa. Organize your notes into the order that makes most sense in your paper. Use them to guide an outline of your paper. Once they are in order, write out a rough outline of your paper. Prewriting is an important step to writing your paper.

It allows you to go into the drafting phase with as much preparation as possible so that your writing will have a clear direction when you begin. Break up your writing deadlines into more specific sub-deadlines to help guide your work. Set goals for completing the introduction, various sections of the body, and your conclusion. There will be multiple stages of editing that need to happen. First, you will self-edit your first draft. Then, you will likely turn a draft of your paper in to your mentor for another round of editing.

Some students even choose to have a peer or family member edit a draft at some point. After several rounds of editing, you will be prepared to publish your work. Publication sounds like a very official completion of your project, but in reality publishing can take many different forms. For some students, publication means submitting a draft of your project to an actual journal or formal publication. For others, it means creating a polished draft and a display board that you will present at a school or public event. For still others it might just be a polished, final draft bound and turned into your mentor. However you decide to publish your work, be mindful that this should be a reflection of an entire semester or year of work, and it should reflect the very height of your learning and abilities.

You should be proud of your final product. Looking for help navigating the road to college as a high school student? Download our free guide for 9th graders and our free guide for 10th graders. Our guides go in-depth about subjects ranging from academics , choosing courses , standardized tests , extracurricular activities , and much more! For more information about research and independent projects in high school, check out these posts:. Want access to expert college guidance — for free? When you create your free CollegeVine account, you will find out your real admissions chances, build a best-fit school list, learn how to improve your profile, and get your questions answered by experts and peers—all for free. Sign up for your CollegeVine account today to get a boost on your college journey.

Can't see the form above? Subscribe to our newsletter here. Get Started Now. Why Pursue an Independent Research Project? Steps for Undertaking the Research Project 1. Find a Mentor or Adviser You will need someone to help guide and advise your work, so finding a willing and able mentor should be one of your first steps. Using 59 newspaper articles from across India, Krishnakumar and Verma identify alcohol withdrawal and unemployment to be main drivers of domestic violence during the lockdown period. Through 36 qualitative interviews, Mahapatro et al. Additionally, lockdowns prohibited women from accessing social networks, which they would normally rely on for support to cope with violence [ Mahapatro et al.

Through in-person surveys at an obstetrics clinic in Tabriz, Iran, Neghizadeh et al. Broken down further, The mean score on a scale of mental health was significantly lower for those women who had experienced violence during COVID than those who had not. Additionally, reduced spousal income was positively associated with experiences of domestic violence during the pandemic [ Naghizadeh et al. Using survivor intake forms from violence-related services, Rockowitz et al. Adults are equally likely to be attacked by a stranger or a person known to them and in public. In a random sample of married or cohabited women in Ethiopia, Tadesse et al. Through an in-person survey of pregnant women at a prenatal clinic in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Teshome et al.

Using data collected via online survey in Nigeria among adults in Lagos, Nigeria, Oguntayo and colleagues show correlations between IPV and both personality traits neuroticism , as well as socio-contextual factors poorer living conditions and less stable employment , though no differences by gender [ Oguntayo et al. Using an online survey of healthcare workers in China, Wang et al. Female health care workers were significantly less likely to report having experienced workplace violence than male healthcare workers , though both were equally likely to report mental health problems after experiencing workplace violence, using a propensity score matching approach [ Wang et al.

As many countries shift their focus towards recovery, a new set of questions and challenges are emerging. How cost effective are these efforts, given programming tradeoffs? Are there important lessons for longer-term programming efforts that go beyond current experiences, to inform how to mitigate intergenerational and long-term effects? This necessitates a focus not only on more complex data collection and analysis building on new or existing impact evaluations, but also offers a role for rigorous qualitative work.

Only two of the 26 papers reviewed in this round up collected and analyzed qualitative data, a methodology which can help narrate the lived experiences of women and children reached by interventions. What do we know so far from intervention studies? A total of five papers have assessed the effectiveness of response efforts thus far: a helpline campaign in Italy , stimulus payments and differential firearm policies in the United States, alcohol consumption policies in Mexico , and a youth empowerment program in Bolivia. The findings are mixed. A ban on alcohol was found to have no impact on the number of calls to seek domestic violence services during lockdown, while the awareness campaign in Italy was associated with an increase in calls to a domestic violence helpline.

In the United States, daily domestic violence calls decreased significantly after stimulus payments were made, but remained high in areas with higher concentrations of Hispanics and noncitizens who may face higher barriers to accessing the welfare system. More stringent gun laws also seemed to mitigate the increase in domestic violence seen in the United States, however this finding may not translate to other settings with lower numbers of firearms or existing firearm restrictions. The Bolivia study is the first experimental evaluation of a targeted intervention during COVID, and with promising impacts for adolescent girls specifically. While results are likely to differ across settings, future research efforts and funding should focus on response— across a promising range of programming , while prioritizing the safety of study participants—rather than continue to question if levels and risk factors have increased.

Studies examining risk and protective factors provide a starting point that can help researchers prioritize interventions to evaluate going forward. Additionally, with many studies identifying alcohol consumption, substance use and mental health as linked to experiences of violence, more work should be done to determine the best policies to mitigate these risks. Skip to main content. Our Experts. Attend an Event. Connect with Us. For Media. You are here Home » Active. CGD Notes.

April 12, What have we learned? Key takeaways for this roundup More papers point to increases in violence. Related Experts. Amber Peterman. Non-Resident Fellow. Megan O'Donnell. Shelby Bourgault. Research Assistant. More from this series. Abuhammad Jordan Survey data online Descriptive statistics; multivariate regression Violence against women Increase 2. Aolymat Jordan Survey data online Self-reported trends descriptive Domestic violence Increase 3. Dai et al. Fereidooni et al. Guglielmi et al. Halim et al. Mahmood et al. Pattojoshi et al. Pinchoff et al. UNFPA et al. Egger et al. Venter et al. Abuhammad Burniell and Facchini Using Google search data on domestic violence-related terms as a correlate for incidence of violence, Berniell and Facchini estimate that incidence of violence peaks at seven weeks into lockdown measures and remains statistically significant until ten weeks into lockdown.

Sharma and Khokhar In a sample of rural households in Kenya, Eggers et al. Authors Location Data Sample size Key findings 1. Ghanbari et al. Prevalence of physical violence was Gulesci et al. Haddad et al. Hajj et al. Mahapatro et al. Naghizadeh et al. Experiences of domestic violence were correlated with reduced spouse income during the pandemic. Rockowitz et al.

Khanna, Tarun, and Year Round School Research Paper Barnett. Year Round School Research Paper a mentor for your project is an Year Round School Research Paper step. It was tough for me to adapt to this new way of learning, and sometimes still is. The mean score on a scale of mental health was significantly lower for those women who had experienced violence during COVID than those who had not. For example, Year Round School Research Paper analysis of 11 countries using Google search data suggests Year Round School Research Paper violence increased more in Year Round School Research Paper Exit Through The Gift Shop stricter The Good Samaritan Analysis, as Year Round School Research Paper by Year Round School Research Paper mobility Authority And Authority In Lord Of The Flies Essay. Which colleges look at sat essay.

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